Artist/s: Gurutech

Title: Shake It

Realese Date: 28. May 2021.

Label: LoveStyle Limited

Raffaele Della Rocca AKA GuruTech, was born in Salerno (Italy) on February 9, 1998. From an early age he began studying drums and became passionate about the world of music, continuing over time to grow submerged by sounds. When he was 15, he approached electronic music for the first time, starting to play in local clubs. After some time he also tried his hand at house and tech house productions, immediately having a good response on labels of some importance such as Vamos music, Pink lizard, Blanc etc. He is hired on evenings ranging from Europe to China and then to Thailand where he manages to express his full potential as a DJ at Cafe Del Mar in Phuket under the guidance of Sam Sparacio (Owner of Radio Ibiza Live) and with collaborations with important local places such as Illuzion, TaiPen and Bar Funk. Supported by the likes of Leandro Da Silva, GuruTech’s journey has just begun!