Artist/s: Konaidy & Olimus

Title: This Is Us

Realese Date: 21. May 2021.

Label: LoveStyle Limited

Herquionaidy Guimarães Ferreira, better known as Konaidy, is a DJ and music producer born in the interior of Minas Gerais in the city of Dionísio and today residing in Ipatinga. Since he was a child always in contact with music, his style has a dancing sound, made for the clubs, with influences coming from tech house, techno, house, rock, pop, he is always looking to innovate in his productions. Marco Túlio Oliveira Ramos, better known as Olimus, was born in Timóteo, Brazil. He obtains a very characteristic night sound, mixing genres such as tech house and techno to propagate his sound identity. Since he was young he has been mirrored in the underground movement, and today he considers it as his own lifestyle.