Artist/s: Loving Arms & Dj Marlon

Title: Never Look Back

Realese Date: 09. October 2020.

Label: LoveStyle Records

Loving Arms is belongs to the TOP10 best djs in his home country, Hungary. His songs are supported on the biggest radio station of the country and also in music tv channels! Usually he is touring in the country and in the surrounding countries like: Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine and Poland aswell. He is growing nice from time to time. This new collaboration with the Italian talent Dj Marlon who have stayed really active during the COVID crysis and he is delivering new music from month to month. ‘Never Look Back’ have a huge potential to became the next radio hit, thanks to the catchy melody and to the lyrics which is easy to remember. Almost all of his songs are getting into charts and radios all around the World. It is a pure dance song with pop-ish touch and summer feeling.