Artist/s: ODA (BR)

Title: Take In The Street

Realese Date: 13. August 2021.

Label: LoveStyle Limited

Vinicius Oda, better known as Oda, young DJ and producer has been standing out in his region for his resourcefulness and talent in
the mixes that transform his presentations into unique and remarkable parties!
Conquering his space with a lot of professionalism, looking for influences in tech house, having Chris Lake as a reference in his copyrighted productions,
he recently released his first release by the label Delicious Records and already had another release in a row by House of Hustle.
His set’s range from House to Techno, not sticking to a single strand, alternating between dancing grooves to shake up the tracks wherever he goes.
He has performed alongside DJ and producer duo Tough Art, Visage Music, Artiik, ISHIMARU, Chapeleiro, Samhara, EME, and MOJJO.
And also in cities like São Carlos, Piracicaba, São José do Rio Preto, Votuporanga, Adamantina, Marília, Araraquara, Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, and in São Paulo (capital).
With his dedication, the young professional has become a reference for the scene in his city and has been conquering the public with his charisma, dedication and talent.